Consultations to Schools and Colleges

Emotional and mental health difficulties can have an impact on the way that children manage school life, relationships, friendships and academic achievements.  With an increase in mental health difficulties found in children and young people, teachers and support staff are under an overwhelming demand to support young people with complex difficulties.  Often the schools can feel under resourced or do not have the appropriate training to deal with the difficulties that they are faced with on daily basis with some of their students.

As a Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist I draw on my expertise of mental health and emotional wellbeing to help teachers and support staff members to understand individual children who are presenting in puzzling, disturbing and challenging ways.

Consultations can be a one off meeting or as part of regular meetings depending on what would be most helpful.

I can also offer individual supervision to education members and support staff.

For further information please refer to:

“Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy in Schools”