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Privacy Notice

This privacy notice is to explain what information I collect and hold about you, why is this data collected, who it is shared with and how it is stored.

Organisation Name
Eva Shehu-Whitefield, Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist.
I am the Data Processer and Data Controller. I do not have any employees or associates.

ICO Registration Reference

Type of data collected
Personal and Sensitive Personal Data.
Personal data is any information which can identify you as an individual. It does not include anonymised data.
Sensitive Personal Data includes information about your health, personal history, beliefs, feelings, culture, etc.

How is data Collected.
Personal data is collected via the Client Contact and Consent Form that you are asked to complete at the start of our work. You may have also provided with some contact details vial email or phone. Other personal information of this kind shared verbally by you/your child, or any other parties involved eg, school, social services GP, may be recorded in clinical notes.
Sensitive personal data is gathered and is recorded in clinical notes. This may include reports or assessments from other professionals, that might want to share with me.

Purpose for which the Data is collected
For the effective provision of Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy treatment. This is the only reason why personal and sensitive information is collected. If I need to share your data for another purpose such as Safeguarding -i.e sharing personal data with other professionals to ensure your child’s safety or a vulnerable adult, then I will always endeavour to discuss this with you firs. If your data is requested for another purpose, i.e. as part of a police investigation or court process then you will be notified immediately.

What information I hold and Why

Yours and your child’s contact details and relevant medical information as a condition of treatment, in order to ensure an effective and appropriate treatment. Contact details, in case I need to contact in case of emergency, cancellation of appointment, invoicing et. It is important that any information I hold about you is up to date, so please let me know if there are any changes to the details that you have provided me as sons as possible.
Brief clinical notes are kept after each session as a record of attendance treatment and progress. These notes will include sensitive personal information, as well as thoughts and feelings shared with me. These notes are confidential and are not to be shared with anyone else. The only exception would be if they were requested by the police or court in connection with a legal process. In that you will be notified and careful thought would be given as to what could be shared.

Data Security

Personal and digital information are stored digitally using encrypted products. Any reports sent by me would be password protected. Paper notes are kept securely locked at all times when not in use. I ask that you do not share sensitive personal information with me vial email or text.

Information Sharing

It is a requirement of my membership organisation Association of Child Psychotherapy that all clinicians working privately will arrange for two Clinical Executives, qualified Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist, to hold your contact details while in treatment with me, in case of serious illness or my unexpected demise.

It is highly recommended that you notify your GP if your child or young adult are receiving treatment. I will only contact your GP if agreed with you in advance and it would be helpful for the person receiving treatment or if I believe that that there is an urgent risk to the child or person’s receiving treatment and their wellbeing. If a situation when further help is needed regarding ensuring a child’s safety, Child Protection Guidelines will be followed. The information shared in those cases would need to be in ‘need to know basis’

ACP members are required to attend a minimum monthly supervision with a qualified Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist. Th data shared in this case will be anonymised and no identifiable personal information will be shared.

How long is information shared for?
It is a legal requirement that any information for children and young people under 18 years old are kept up to the age of 18 years plus 7 years. Any young person whose age is 18 at the time of treatment, their information will be kept up to 7 years at the end of the treatment. Once that deadline has passed all the information kept would be safely destroyed.

Your Rights.
Your/your child might ask for access to their information held about them. You can request this in writing and I have 40 days to respond. However please note that confidentially is central to a therapeutic treatment so careful consideration would be given as to the reason for the access request, and whether it is in the best interest of the child, and possible implication for treatment.
You have the right to rectify any information that I might have recorded incorrectly.
You may also request deletion of your data, and if there is no safety implication for me to keep your data then I will delete the information. There is no charge for processing the access or deletion requests. For more information about your right please visit a

How to Complain.

If you are not happy about any aspect of how I process and store your data, please contact me and I will try to resolve it. You are also able to contact the Information Commissioner’s Office ( with any complaints. My ICO reference number is at the top of this page.