Consultations to Nurseries and Children Centers

Sometimes the emotional difficulties can be present at an early age and staff members at children centres and nurseries are in a crucial position to identify them in individual children. Early intervention is very important in preventing these difficulties becoming entrenched which can lead to emotional and mental health issues later on in life.

I have a special interest in infant mental health, and I have a wealth of knowledge and experience in working with families with children 0-5 years old.

I offer consultations to nurseries, children centres providing a safe and confidential space to think about children that are presenting with persistent worrying puzzling behaviour, which is beyond ordinary behaviour for their age.  The consultation can be helpful in gaining an understanding of the behaviour and the way the staff respond to the child. The consultation can also lead to advice to further referrals to the right agencies or I could offer support to parents if needed and is appropriate.


For further information please refer to:

“Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy in Early Years”