Parents and Carers

Being a parent to a child at any point in their life is an exciting, joyful experience, but it can also feel daunting, exhausting and emotionally challenging. While most of the time difficult situations/behaviours that life brings can be worked through with your child, there might be other times when the situation feels complicated and as a parent it feels impossible to get it right no matter how much effort you put in understanding your child.  This can lead to emotionally charged and upsetting situations within the family with the parents/carers and the child involved.


As a child psychotherapist I can offer you a safe non-judgmental space to think about your child with the view to gain a better understanding of what is going on for your child at that particular moment in their life. I will be interested to hear about all your concerns and what you wish to improve or change. Sometimes it might be helpful to think about the whole life history of the child as there might be times when early events in life, such as illness, bereavement, loss etc might manifest later in life.  We will think together on how you as parents/carers can best support your child to work through the presenting difficulties, what changes might need to be made in order to help your child grow and develop.


Frequency of sessions can be discussed once we meet depending on what will be helpful for you at that time. Therapeutic parent/carer support is also offered while the child is in individual therapy with another therapist.

I offer an initial free phone call consultation to discuss with you if the service I provide is helpful to you and your family, before an appointment is organised.

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